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4 Things You Should Know About TSA Locks

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4 Things You Should Know About TSA Locks

Upon receiving the luggage you've just bought, you realised that the lock has a keyhole but the key is nowhere to be found!

1. Where is the key for the TSA lock?

If the number lock looks similar to any lock in the picture below, with a red diamond logo, it is a TSA (Travel Sentry® Approved) lock. There is NO key to the lock, as the master key is held ONLY by the immigration custom officers, for them to check the luggage contents without cutting off or breaking open the number lock (Source: Wikipedia). Based on our experience, the customs officer will leave a note in the luggage whenever they open any passenger's luggage for inspection.

It is a safety regulation imposed by United States and Canada for all inbound/outbound/transit passengers to have their luggage locked either by TSA lock or TSA padlock. So, for the sake of keeping your luggage lock intact, get a luggage from us equipped with TSA lock (or you may use your own TSA padlock too).

Luggage Outlet Singapore TSA Lock Key

Different types of TSA locks

2. Which countries require TSA locks?

For now, only visitors to U.S. and Canada need to adhere to this safety regulation.

U.S. advisory: https://www.tsa.gov/travel/travel-tips#

Canada advisory: http://www.catsa.gc.ca/locked-baggage

3. How do I reset / change the passcode for TSA Locks?

The default passcode to unlock is '0-0-0'.

a) With the number combination in the unlocked position, locate a small round button at the side of the lock. Using the sharp tip of a pen, push the round button in (it should remain depressed).
Luggage Outlet Singapore TSA lock
b) Next, turn the number dials to your desired combination.Luggage Outlet Singapore TSA lock step 2
c) Then push the unlock latch all the way in and the small round button will pop out with a 'click' sound. The new passcode for the TSA Lock is now set! Luggage Outlet Singapore TSA lock passcode
You may also wish to follow the steps in this YouTube video below to change the password for the TSA Lock:

    4. How about Safe Skies TSA locks?

    It is an equal substitute for the TSA (red diamond logo) lock, and carries a red torch logo. It also does not have a key. Both TSA and Safe Skies locks are accepted at U.S. and Canadian customs.


     Safe Skies TSA Lock Safe Skies TSA Lock for Aluminium Frame Luggage
    Safe Skies TSA Lock Aluminium Frame Luggage Safe Skies TSA Lock for Aluminium Frame Luggage

    Examples of a Safe Skies lock

    Get one of our luggage series equipped with TSA-approved/Safe Skies locks before planning your long-awaited trip to North America!


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